Our Story

Since Annaprashan Sanskara, it has been traditional in Maharashtra to feed Ragi Malt to babies.

Since 15 years ago, Dr. Prashant Shewale has been a family physician. He realised that there isn’t a nutritious meal accessible for young children. The number of homes that still make ragi malt has decreased. Taking this into account, Dr. Shewale began producing Ragi Malt ten years ago.

Since GAPLU Ragi Malt is created from sprouted ragi, it is what true Ragi Malt ought to be. Ragi must first be sprouted before it can be made into malt powder in order to fully develop its nutritious qualities.

Gaplu offers the first vacuum-packed ragi malt in Maharashtra. This is done to extend the product’s shelf life as it is created naturally.

Our sincere efforts are directed towards developing a healthy generation. With this idea in mind, we manufacture the best Ragi Malt we can without adding any chemicals, preservatives, or artificial flavours or colours.

To keep children away from junk food, we developed LOBU, a nutritious breakfast alternative that includes millet magic pancake, oats pancake, and beetroot dosa.

Our company has GMP and ISO 9001-2015 certifications.

We take extreme care and are exceedingly hygienic throughout the whole production process.

This is our contribution to creating a stronger and healthier Indian generation in the future

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