Gaplu – Ragi Malt Purna Aahar Classic Khichdi



Gaplu ragi malt is packed in a vacuum. It is solid in the pack. After breaking the packet it becomes powder.

Gaplu – Ragi Malt Purna Aahar Classic Khichdi (250 gram)


Ragi (Nachani) known as finger millet is a great source of calcium and has a commendable nutritional profile making it a super cereal’ it contains a high level of amino acids, minerals, protein, calcium fiber, and antioxidants. These tiny grains are a powerhouse of nutrition. Mixing up these benefits of ragi with many natural flavors makes it a perfect blend and takes it to next level for good health.


Made from real natural, organic, ingredients.

Starch is not used to enhance the taste.

Benefits of sprouted Ragi (nachani satva )

Promotes healthy eating

Helps in maintaining weight

Helps in relieving stress

Rich nutrient content makes a superfood.

Good food for a diabetic person

Helps in recovery from weakness

Beneficiates for pageants woman

Also good for working women.

Our products come in a vacuumed package to protect nutrition

Does not contain a preservative, artificial color, and chemical

100% pure, natural, Gluten free products.


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